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Got a great business - need new customers - on a start-up entrepreneur's budget?

Do you need Customers? Get the BETTER $499 TV commercial!

30-second TV spotWe create your Fully Produced, Fully Custom TV commercial, ready for Broadcast, Cable TV, Satellite TV, or the Web. We write, produce, and edit a professional 30-second television advertisement for your business. We'll include quality music, backgrounds, dynamic text VFX, and we can even include pictures and your logo.

You can add Professional Narration to your commercial, and you can also get a Web Video version of the ad, great for websites, social networks, and email campaigns.

BUILD-A-SPOT! Complete, Broadcast-Standard TV Commercial Starting at Just $499!

An astoundingly good deal! Get a memorable, unique, great looking, original, 30-second TV commercial featuring your business and offer for this amazingly low price starting at just $499!

We Serve Pretty Much Every Industry... Including Yours!

accountants  insurance  attorneys  healthcare 
lawyers  real estate brokers  web-based businesses  health and beauty 
doctors  financial  retail  brick&mortar retail 
dentists  credit/debt services  dating services  toy industry 

Simple - Fast - Affordable - BETTER

BETTER quality than other TV productions in our price range and beyond - and we get it done FAST! Our expert team carefully reviews the details and materials you provide - they create your great-looking ad in as little as 48 hours!

BETTER price - Ads of this great quality often retail for $5,000 or lots more. We don't bog you down with a lot of back and forth, too many cooks hacking the idea to pieces until it's lost its appeal - we take your input, and run with it.

BETTER production - Your TV ad by TV Ads Cheap™ will be an ALL-ORIGINAL, 30-second Broadcast-ready Television Commercial featuring your company and product or service in a stylish, sophisticated presentation.

Our award-winning TV commercials are creative and unique. More important -- Our ads never look cheap -
that's why we can say: Only Our Price is Cheap!™

WITH EVERY 30-Second Broadcast-Format TV Commercial, YOU GET ALL THIS:

  • Custom Scripting based on your input* - screenwritten by Hollywood Pros
  • Professional Editing by experienced TV production pros
  • Quality Music, carefully selected for greatest impact
  • Dynamic Text designed to grab customer attention
  • Colorful Background Imagery chosen to suit your business
  • Your Contact Information - prominently displayed
  • Include Your Company Logo on screen - no extra charge!
  • Broadcast-quality media, available to be delivered to the TV network for airing (Air Time sold separately)


  • tv ads cheapProfessional Narration, add $199 - The 30-second professionally written script (approx. 70 to 78 words) is recorded by a professional voiceover artist. Our narrators are national talent who appear on TV and radio shows, and they moonlight for us so you can have this special deal!
  • Web-Ready Video Clip, add $149 - We create a special version of your broadcast TV commercial that you can add to your website, upload to video and social websites, or even send out in your email campaign. Video sells!
  • THE WORKS! - BEST VALUE Your superb 30-second Broadcast-ready TV Spot, PLUS Professional Voiceover, PLUS a Web-ready clip to use online! A real VALUE -- Just $799!



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By clicking Add To Cart you signify that you AGREE to our Terms of Service. Our TV ads, though cheap, are all custom made, so payments are Non-Refundable. Appears on your statement as "Academy Leader, Inc.", our parent company. You can pay by credit card, or your PayPal account. Upon payment, we'll contact you via the email address you use during payment processing, to get all the details so we can Build Your Spot!


Your business is unique - your ad should be unique.

We're Hollywood and TV industry pros and we personally make your TV ad. We love it... because we love using our creativity to help independent-minded entrepreneurs like you.

We're not just some automated online "service" that plugs your company name into a canned ad off the shelf. We're not database programmers or web designers looking to snag you with a hastily formed "television department." We don't make you do all the work. We collaborate with real writers, editors, voiceover pros and other artists and broadcast TV technicians to create a unique, effective ad for your business. Besides, we're not collecting your name to sell to an email database; we want you to be our customer.

We're easy to find on the web. Just Google "TV ads cheap" and you'll find us, along with press releases about our company.

More Great Production Options - Cheap TV Spots®

Is your business, product or service completely NEW - outside the usual business categories? We can help! With decades in the business, we've seen it all... intimate personal products, energy drinks/supplements, games, pizza franchises, gym/workout franchises, toys, hats, dating websites, sugar substitutes, kitchenware, medical recalls, electronics, charities, feature motion pictures, radio stations, book/DVD sets, music albums, and more. If it can be advertised on television, we can do it!

30 seconds - 60 seconds - Direct Response - Sales - Branding - Local - National

  • Need an ad that demonstrates a new product
  • Offering an "As Seen On TV" consumer item
  • Need a 60-second or 120-second, "But Wait, There's More" mini-infomercial
  • Your product or service is of an unusual or delicate nature

If this sounds like you, check out the Value-Priced "Big Leagues" -- The Original -- we offer amazing, affordable TV Commercial Options that include product demo shots, special video effects, sound effects, lifestyle footage (carefully selected and edited imagery of scenery or people), 60 and 120 second mini-infomercials, and lots more extras, like script concept approval, storyboards, live actors, and higher-end production.

We offer high quality TV commercial production and targeted air time. But we're not just cheap. We blend our Value-Priced production with national TV quality and fast turnaround - even faster than those supposedly automated services. And when you're done, you'll have a fantastic ad - we know, because our experienced production team has won over 200 international awards for our TV commercial productions.

  • National quality TV ad production for a low, flat fee
  • All custom-made, no canned templates
  • Fast turnaround - typically just a few days
  • Great for multi-ad and multi-platform campaigns
  • Targeted, budget conscious air time

Custom air time media buying - personal service without big agency overhead!

You can be seen on popular cable TV networks, broadcast TV networks, even satellite TV! You set the budget - we plan the schedule. Let us be the runner of your spot TV advertising schedule. We can place your ad on the networks right where your customers are watching.

NICKELODEON - ABC Family - TOON DISNEY - DirecTV (Satellite)... and MORE. 

We Don't Scatter your TV Advertising Budget - We Target your Ads!

TV air time is sold separately.

Just want to find out about current Air Time Rates on a specific network or show? Try our affiliated research service, the TV Ad Rate Store™ (

TV PRODUCTION SPECIALS - We always offer great low, flat rates for our national-quality television commercial productions, and we'll even help you if you got an ad from somewhere else and want a better one!

We save you money with our simplified, efficient production workflow: we make your ad without all the agency overhead, and we pass the savings on to YOU.

TV Ads Cheap serves a variety of advertisers including mesothelioma attorneys, credit and debt services, medical products, doctors and dentists, tax lawyers, entrepreneurs, toy industry, internet services, structured settlements, health care and healthcare providers, housewares, inventors, DUI lawyers, home repair, automotive sales and service, insurance, mortgages, real estate, sports, casino operators, amusement parks, hotel chains, data recovery, feature film, music labels, video games, edutainment, computer software and hardware, restaurants, charities, and home-based business owners and SMBs disenchanted with ineffective, expensive pay-per-click ad words.

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